Embracing half, whole-heartedly

First bike ride in months. Achy discomfort. Losing steam. Speed. Freedom. Headwind. Nature. Self care. Alone. Whole.

The power
In the belly and legs.
Loud calls from the geese and ducks.
Elegant, focused silence from the heron.

I used to say that I was split in 2-
That there was a part of me hidden from view.
She cannot speak, her desires do not matter.
Girly girls are shameful and weak, the mind would chatter.

Achievement and doing.
Laziness, unacceptable.
Disease and discomfort,
I need to break free.

Music and dance,
Swimming in my body.
To play with ease,
get a little naughty.

Forgiving and healing,
Coaxing and soothing,
Laughing and crying,
Loving and beloved.

Our flesh is speaking,
Grunting its Tug of war.
Create equanimity,
Draw yourself back to the core.

A Work of integration,
A dynamic teeter totter.
Embrace your 2 sides, now,
Be a good little daughter.




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