Breathing Re-Learned

There once lived a man without breath
It lodged in the chest, without depth

His constant demeanor was gruff and hasty
The color of his skin….pasty

Something was amiss, his ails unknown
he had heard about yoga, it was near his home

When his first teacher told the class to breathe
He felt threatened, his frustration seethed

His first Savasana arrived
Thoughts of fear, in his mind contrived

Despite this first impression,
The man arrived home, not stressin’

He slept like a baby, his skin looked rosy
In his chest it felt more cozy

The man soon learned about his anatomy,
The magic of the diaphragm, like a canopy

Part muscle, part tendon
It massages organs in the abdomen

It’s affect on his body was so far-reaching
He arrived each week to hear more teaching.

Steadily the man became more at-ease
He had woken up and remembered to breathe.

Inside the cage it slithers, holding firm
His awareness heightened, breathing re-learned


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