A Space Inside

Notice your space that you use for practice – what would help make this space more suitable for your intention in practice. If you have to practice somewhere else or change your practice time, how does that affect you?

I remember my first home practice, living in a small apartment in Minneapolis with a roommate. I had my own room, it was carpeted, and had just enough room for my mat. There was a long mirror, where I could check my alignment. I loved to listen to music while I practiced.

I always found a place for yoga where I have lived (or traveled) ever since living in Minne. Currently we have an extra bedroom, which has become an office/bike storage/guest bedroom/yoga room. Because of all the clutter i needed to make it more authentic for my practice time. I began using little statues and candles in a shrine-like formation when i set up for my practice time. I even did some candlelight meditation. It was a warming and calming way to start the practice. I no longer listen to music while I practice, but if I do, I prefer kirtan or instrumental..there are already enough voices in my head.

Practicing in diverse locations with lots of external stimuli allows me to quiet my thoughts more easily. I live on a busy street where there is constant noise from buses, motorcycles, cars, people, cats and dogs. Initially it is difficult to settle in, but eventually the sound becomes like the blurry edges of our peripheral vision. The sensation stimuli is there, but it is not a distraction nor a nuisance. Rather, it is helping me hear more clearly the stillness, calm and silence within.

With regard to the time for practice, I like to get a little practice throughout the day. Grazing, if you will. This is a recent phenomenon and has proven to be hugely beneficial. A little in the morning, a little at lunch and a little before dinner. It has helped me stay more calm and collected in a given day. Typically though, I am an evening or afternoon practitioner. I have had a Monday 6 pm practice for about 5 years, and if I do not practice at this day and time, I tend to feel a bit anxious. Not sure if it is because I’m missing yoga or if it is because it’s Monday…in any case I prefer a routine and consistency with my practice. But, I am willing to be flexible, if only to reap the reward of grazingly meditating.


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